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Our Mission

To provide a welcoming space for families to interact with their children, free from conflict, judgement and bias, while maintaining safety and dignity for all parties involved.


About Us

Parenting Time, Inc. is a California nonprofit corporation, formed to provide services aimed at strengthening family well-being and to serve a need for greater access to quality and affordable supervised visitation within El Dorado County.

In December 2018, Parenting Time, Inc. was selected as a recipient of funding under the Judicial Council’s Access to Visitation Grant Program through the Superior Court of El Dorado County. This funding allows Parenting Time, Inc. to offer subsidized visits at no-cost to qualifying low-income families.

As a Professional Provider of supervised visitation we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to families during periods of transition. Our vision is to provide a space so inviting that children will look forward to coming for visits, and where all parties feel safe and treated with dignity. 

Parenting Time, Inc. is located near Shingle Springs, California, approximately 12 minutes from the Main Street Courthouse in Placerville. 


Our Services

What We Provide

Supervised Visitation

Our supervised visitation services give the noncustodial party an opportunity to maintain contact with their child(ren) in a structured environment that is both safe and comfortable for the child, and provides security and peace of mind for the custodial party.


Parenting Time, Inc. services are no-contact between adults of the same party. We handle all scheduling, from requests to confirmations, and stagger arrival times to make sure parties can arrive and leave the facility without fear of confrontation or accusations. We also guarantee that one entirely objective and fact-based report will be produced for each visit. These visit reports will be made available, when requested, within the week.

Parenting Time, Inc. is currently only accepting low-income clients for supervised visitation, as part of the Access to Visitation Grant Program.

Homework Help

Coming Soon!

Parenting Time, Inc. is excited to soon offer no-contact custody exchanges!  For children who have been dealing with high conflict exchanges, our anticipated future Safe Exchange Program may be a huge relief. 

Safe exchange services focus on the child's experience and allow a custody exchange that is free from confrontation and adult issues. Children spend their exchanges in a room full of toys with a parent who feels safe, so they can focus on being excited to see their children.

We also hope to incorporate non-grant clients for supervised visitation at a rate per hour in the future, for families who do not or no longer qualify for services under the Access to Visitation Grant Program.


Rest Easy

Our program is based on the belief that every child deserves to feel safe and be protected from adult issues, so they can enjoy being a kid.  We take pride in providing a clean, comfortable and fun facility where kids can explore games and toys with their loved ones without parental conflict. We understand that no parent wants to be in a position to need the services we provide, and that having a third party involved in your parenting is not anyone's ideal.  Our role is to help organize and stabilize visits and create documentation that can assist the courts in sorting out the truth.  We are here to help your family get to where they want to be.

All staff at Parenting Time, Inc. have experience working with families and children of different backgrounds in a variety of settings. In addition, all staff have attended the 24-hour Standard 5.20 and Family Code Section 3200.5 Training, sponsored by the Judicial Council of California. This training was created specifically for Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation and the Courts, covering education and training in the areas of: the role of a professional provider, child abuse reporting laws, record-keeping procedures, screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation, legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider, cultural sensitivity, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and basic knowledge of family and juvenile law. Staff also attend ongoing trainings on supervised visitation, domestic violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol recognition and child development.

We guarantee that all staff have passed fingerprinting and background checks. Staff at Parenting Time, Inc. are also all currently registered with Trustline. TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System; the Child Abuse Central Index of California; and fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System.

Parenting Time, Inc. has a protocol with local law enforcement and written flight risk policy in place. For additional security, video and audio recording will take place during all visits. 


How to Get Started

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To begin the supervised visitation process with us, we must first determine whether your family qualifies for services under the Access to Visitation Grant Program. We will need a copy of your Supervised Visitation Order from the Superior Court of El Dorado County (on form FL-341(A) or DV-150) and verification of your income. Parenting Time, Inc. is currently only servicing low-income clients with the above court order.

Please reach out to us regarding this matter, or if you have any additional questions regarding our program. Once your family qualifies to receive our services, we will schedule a separate intake for each party.


We look forward to speaking with you regarding services at our agency!


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Every family is different.  The reasons for the referral, parental attitude and cooperation, and the age and background of your children will all influence your experience with our program.  If you have questions about how your family's situation would be handled by Parenting Time, Inc., please contact us.  The following is general information that will hopefully give you a better understanding of supervised visitation and our program.

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What is Supervised Visitation?

Based on what is happening in the family, or to make sure the children are safe and protected, a judge will sometimes decide a third person should be present to observe the interaction between the ordered party and their children. The observation of the interaction by a third party is called supervised visitation, and the person observing the interaction is often referred to as the Visitation Monitor or Professional Provider. Supervised visitation allows parents in high-conflict or high-risk situations, access to their children in a safe and supervised environment.

During each visit at Parenting Time, Inc., a Visitation Monitor will quietly observe and take notes while the visiting party interacts with their children, in a vibrant room filled with toys and games. This is the visiting parent's "parenting time." The Visitation Monitor will not involve themselves in the visit unless there is a safety concern, a break of the agency's policies or family's court order. 

Why Use Professional Services?

Professional Providers are held to a higher standard than Nonprofessional Providers. Professional services may be recommended by a Mediator or ordered by the court. Some families elect to use a Professional Provider for their supervised visitation. Some reasons one may elect to use a Professional Provider over a friend or relative include: difficulty of both parties agreeing to a Nonprofessional Provider, the possible bias that comes with enlisting a party's loved one, lack of objective documentation, and the increased security and overall feeling of safety that comes with using a Professional Provider.

Scheduling and the visits themselves are no-contact, so you can also relax and feel comfortable, knowing that transitions will be safe and free from conflict. This helps to absolve fear of new allegations, as a neutral third-party is present to verify what happened during our services.

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How Long Do the Services Last?

Parenting Time, Inc. does not make any decisions about Supervised Visitation Orders. You will need to return to mediation and/or court to have your Supervised Visitation Orders changed. The objective documentation we produce may be a factor in the judge or mediator's decision, but we never give a recommendation or assessment at our level.

As far as actual visit time, that will depend on your Supervised Visitation Order and the number of hours awarded to you based on the Access to Visitation Grant funds available. The noncustodial party will need to set aside additional time for the visit, as they will be expected to arrive earlier and leave later than the custodial party, in order to prepare for the visit and maintain our no-contact policy. 

What is This Grant Funding About?

The purpose of the Judicial Council's Access to Visitation Grant Program is to "remove barriers and increase opportunities for biological parents who are not living in the same household as their children to become actively involved in their children’s lives.”

We understand that one of the most common barriers noncustodial parties ordered supervised visitation face is the cost associated with seeing their children. As a grant recipient, Parenting Time, Inc. is able to offer a set number of supervised visits at no-cost to qualifying low-income families.  

Please visit

for more information.

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What Do I Tell My Kids?

How children feel about supervised visits will vary depending on their age and past experiences, but the main factor will be what they hear and sense from their parents.  It is very important that parents encourage their children to participate and enjoy visits, and advised to assure them the adults are all working together to make things better.

For most families, there are adult issues that should not be discussed with children. What your children need to know will depend on their age and development, their concerns and history. Assure your children that the visits are not because of anything they did wrong, and do not bring up court matters, accusations or scary things from the past. We ask that the custodial party bring children over the age of 3 in for orientation before visits begin, so long as they are of sufficient capacity.

What Documentation Can I Get For Court?

Parenting Time, Inc. creates a visit report for each visit. All visit reports are objective and descriptive. Standard 5.20 mandates that only facts, observations and direct statements be included. Parenting Time, Inc. never makes judgments or recommendations. 

It is up to the involved parties whether they would like to order any visit reports. Reports do not need to be ordered at the time of service, and we keep all reports for 3 years after the visit has occurred.  Once ordered, a copy will be sent to all applicable parties. This includes the custodial and noncustodial parties, the ordering court and the party's attorneys, if any.

We also document any additional communication with Parenting Time, Inc., and provide letters upon program acceptance or denial.


Hours of Operation

Thursday: 1pm - 8pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm

If your visitation needs conflict, please reach out to us on this matter and we may be able to meet your needs in the future.

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